Crider is a storm water management team in the St Louis area.
Q: Who do the drainage experts call when their pipes that aren’t draining?
A: Illini Environmental can clean the debris from your pipes and get things flowing!

Storm water management team in a metropolitan area.

Job Overview:
Illini Environmental, Inc. was asked to assit in a storm water drainage system clean up as a subcontractor for the above mentioned company. This particular drainage system was built underground beneth a parking lot and would process the run-off water to remove sediment and debris from the water before discharging into the local sewer system. The drainage system contained four 200-foot-long pipes with filters that connect to the sewer system at one end of the line. Illini Environmental, Inc. used a hydro vacto spray at all sides and angles in the pipes to break up the mud/sediment that had built up over four years. A vacuum was also used to suck up all the sediment and debris that was released by the hydro vac for disposal at an appropriate location.

Project Benefits:
In two days Illini Environmental, Inc. was able to break up four years of sediment and mud in all four 200-foot-long pipes and two drains that contained anywhere from 2-4 ft. of material. This small project increased the efficiency of the drainage system and decreased the frequency of overflow.


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