Artco is a global transportation company that ships products worldwide.
Q: Who do you call when you have a large quantity of vegetable oil that can’t be sold on the open market?
A: Find out how Illini Environmental solved this problem for Artco.

Company Profile:
Global transportation company that ships products worldwide.

Job Overview:
Illini Environmental, Inc. was commissioned to dispose of some off-spec bean/corn oil that was too thick to be sold into the open market. The material, located in a barge on the Mississippi River, was pumped uphill with the help of our Super-Sucker Pres-Vac and deposited into a lined Vac-Box for easy disposal. We were able to collect approximately 15,000 gallons of material in a 7-day period.

Project Benefits:
Illini Environmental, Inc. was able to remove material and create room on the barge to transfer new prodct to be transported and sold into the market.

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